Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trade with Cardboard Collections

I recently completed a trade with Colbey over at Cardboard Collections and while my trade with Colbey wasn't the first with a fellow blogger it was my most recent so that's why I'm posting it first. I sent him everything ranging from Heritage to Gypsy Queen and ending with Topps Magic Football. He sent me a bunch of Astros, Texans and player inserts for my PC. Here are the just a few from the trade:

The 2005 Houston Astros were one of the best Astros teams of my generation. Sure back in the late 90's there were Astros teams that were more competitive but the way this team reached the playoffs was like a script from the movies. Getting swept by the White Sox wasn't easy to take but for one season we got to say our team were the N.L. Champs. That was pretty cool.

A lot of people don't collect Opening Day and I agree it is mostly for children but I love any card with an Astro on the front. Wandy is one of those pitchers who is relatively unknown outside of Houston and the N.L. Central. He doesn't always put up amazing stats but he is an outstanding pitcher. Playing for the Astros he does get a lot of no decision and losses even with a stellar ERA.

What's there to say about Hunter Pence? His style of play looks nothing like the traditional player's "should" and he still struggles with that outside pitch. One thing he's excellent at though is stepping up when he needs to. Just the other night, May 23, he hit the game winning hit to bring Michael Bourn home during an exciting 9th inning rally. With Berkman, Bagwell and Biggio gone there's no other Astro I'd rather have at the plate in a game changing situation than Hunter Pence... period. 

I just love the style of this card. UD Masterpieces was a solid set that I may have to collect soon. Roy Oswalt was one of the best pitchers in Houston Astros history and had a couple of years in the mid-2000's where he was a serious Cy Young candidate. His curveball is vicious and struck out many opponents. The one time I met him he was a real class act and I have no problem with the Phillies winning a World Series if it means Roy O gets a ring finally.

I love the look of these two cards too. Roy O with his goatee on an '08 A&G and Tulo's strange expression on his 2009 Topps 206. There is something about mini's that I love but also hate at the same time. I love the design and I like the novelty of them but I haven't started a binder yet so I just have them stacked in my box. Maybe once I start a binder and get the special holders I'll like them more. 

Longo!!! A shiny Longo to boot! I've always loved Longo and not just for his baseball skills. His commercial spots are pretty awesome. His commercials with Jeter, the new Pepsi commercials and of course the New Era chase. He's also one of the only people I know who still looks cool in a mullet. He'll be in Houston at a Tri-star show soon so I may have to meet him except I don't know if I want to dish out $89 for the auto, $35 for an inscription, $89 if I want a picture with him and then the cost of the bat to get signed. I guess we'll see.

I'm not a huge Drabek fan but he is a hometown kid so I feel like I should at least get some of his cards. Even though the shading of this card is strange I still like it more than his other cards out this year. I haven't seen him pitch enough to know how good he is going to be but I think he'll have a pretty successful career and I'm hoping he does. Maybe one day he'll pitch for the Astros like his dad did.

So there you have it, my first official trade post. I want to thank Colbey again and hopefully we can workout another trade in the future. Thanks for reading this far, I know I have a tendency to ramble at times.

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Colbey said...

Your cards arrived the other day as well, thanks for a great trade!