Monday, July 11, 2011

Contest Winners!!!

It's time to announce the winners of my Shameless Plug Contest. I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. I hope to bring you guys another one in the future with some even better prizes.

And the winners are.....

Third Prize consisting of an Alexander Edler GU jersey card goes to Matt from Tenets of Wilson.

Second Prize with the Lance Berkman jersey card and David Price relic goes to Play at the Plate.

The Grand Prize including a Drew Brees GU jersey card #'d 10/50, a Quan Cosby auto card and a Riley Cooper auto card goes to... Arpsmith.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again to everyone who entered. Winners just shoot me an email with your address with "Blog Contest Winner" in the subject line so I can get these cards out to you. 

Here's the video of the randomization for anyone who cares to watch it. 


Play at the Plate said...

Thanks for the contest!

Trey J. said...

No problem, congrats on winning. If I had allowed winning twice you'd have won prizes 2 and 3 ha.

Play at the Plate said...

That's alright. The more winners the better.

Kim said...

Congrats to all winners... Arpsmith you are really good, congrats that you got 1st price!!

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Trey J. said...

Arpsmith has until Sunday, July 17 to email me or I'll randomize the list again and get a new winner for the Grand Prize. He/she has no contact information on their page so I can't contact them myself.

arpsmith said...

Trey, just shot you an email. Thanks for the contest!