Monday, July 11, 2011

Forgotten TTM Success

I haven't been doing TTM much lately so that's why I was surprised when I received these two cards in the mail last week. 
I sent to Heath Bell in the middle of spring training and just assumed I was too late when I never got a response. He was actually the third person I sent to this year (my first season of attempting TTM). I was pretty excited when I opened up the SASE and saw his card. In all the interviews I've seen with Bell he seems to be a pretty fun guy. 

This was the most recent request I sent out but again I completely forgot about it until the envelope was in my mailbox. I think it'd be cool to get as many auto's of NL Central players as I can. It doesn't matter if it's TTM, IP or a card from eBay. I think it's cool that he personalized it as it will go well with some of my other personalized autos. 

These may not rank as high as my Morgan Ensberg or Brian Cushing TTM's but I'm still extremely grateful for them. I know professional athletes are busy so it's always nice to see them get back to the fans sometimes.


cubsfan731 said...

Do you happen to know how long the LuCroy took to come back?

Trey J. said...

I believe it took around 3 weeks or so. I sent it right when the Brewers had come to Houston for a series and about 3 weeks later I got it back. He also signed a 2011 Topps for me but it was so dark you could barely see so I scanned the Heritage.