Friday, July 29, 2011

Saying Bye to a Fan Favorite

As many of you know by now Hunter Pence was traded from the Astros to the Phillies. I'm sad that he is leaving as he was my favorite current Astros player but I am happy to see him go to a contender. He deserves to be on a winning team and I hope for his sake the Phillies bring home a championship while he is there. I'm not going to break down the trade right now as I'll let emotions settle before I do. The Phillies just got a great RF who works hard everyday and never takes a play off. 

Now I have to decide what I am going to do about collecting Hunter Pence from this day forward. Should I continue seeking out his Astros cards even if he isn't on the team? Should I continue collecting his cards even if he appears in a new uniform? Maybe I'll just finish my 2010 Topps Chrome rainbow and then quit collecting his cards. Honestly I have no idea at this point but I'm sure I'll continue to collect him in an Astros uniform since I still have lots of cards to go. 

What would you do? I'm sure you've been in this situation before so I'd love to hear your opinions, just leave me a comment if you want. I'll leave you now with a scene from the dugout courtesy of SBNation.

Hunter saying goodbye to his teammates during the 5th inning.


dawgbones said...

If you do not wish to see him in the pinstripes, send all dem cards to me, your friendly neighborhood Phillies Phan!! I just hope he can continue to hit well and help to bring our bats to life. Welcome to Philly Hunter, I'm so glad we did not go after Beltran, I think we got a lot better deal for the $$ in Pence.
It's difficult to cheer for someone after they've left your team, I wished Werth well when he went to the Nats this year, at least until he started bad-mouthing Philly, he's a good player when his head is in the game but I'm glad Philadelphia did not spend that kind of cash to keep him in right field! I still remember the game against the Astros when Werth got picked off at second during an intentional walk of Chooch. Werth said afterward that he was distracted because Brett Myers stuck his tongue out at him. Really!!

hiflew said...

I can't tell you what to do, but I am first and foremost a team collector. For example, let's say (God forbid) Ubaldo Jimenez gets traded this week. I will still try to get every Rockies card he has, but will not seek any Yanks or Reds or whomever card of his.

The one exception is my player collection of Christian Friedrich who I will collect no matter what team he is on.

The question you need to answer is are you a bigger Astros fan or Pence fan.