Thursday, October 20, 2011

Long time!!!

As many of you may know I'm currently splitting my time between Deer Park and The Woodlands. Living in two different places has caused me to lose focus on the blog front and I apologize for that. There's no excuse for slacking on the blog and I've done it more than once so I need to step my game up. I have a few ideas in the works to keep me posting during this time so keep an eye out for those.

I haven't received many cards lately (another reason I need to brainstorm posting ideas) but I recently picked up this beauty off eBay using my eBay bucks from the last earning period. This Bogusevic card set me back $1.25 in eBay bucks (including shipping). 
This is a 2006 Bowman Signs of the Future auto from Houston Astros OF Brian Bogusevic. If you're wondering why Bogusevic looks like a pitcher in this photo it's because he was a pitcher then. The Astros moved him to OF a little after drafting him which is why it took him a few years longer to finally make the big league roster. Now I'm no fan of sticker auto's so I deduct a point but I really love this card. 

As I may have said before, I plan on focusing a lot more on the younger guys (which is basically the entire team minus Carlos Lee) for my PC. Bogusevic, J.D. Martinez, Jordan Lyles, Bud Norris and Jason Castro just to name a few. 

Once again sorry for the delay in posting and I hope you're all doing well!