Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two More Additions to the J.D. Martinez PC

As you know from previous posts on this blog, I'm now focusing on the younger Astros including J.D. Martinez who made his MLB debut this past season. I think he has a bright future ahead and hopefully he'll be a long-time Astros outfielder. 

2011 Topps Update Black #'d/60

2011 Bowman Chrome Base Auto

I'm adding to his collections slowly but surely. It's an exciting time to be an Astros collector as we get so many new players to watch.

2011 Bowman Chrome Blaster

I was at Target yesterday when the blaster bug hit me. I haven't ripped any packs in a few months so I thought Bowman Chrome would be a great way to get back into things. I'm thankful I did as I got a pretty nice hit for the $20 it cost me.

I apologize for the picture quality as I'm currently without my scanner and can only use my iPhone. 

Manny Banuelos base auto!! I know people have been having luck with Bowman Chrome blasters so I shouldn't be surprised but this is still an awesome auto to pull. Yes, it is for trade.