Thursday, August 4, 2011

Intentional Talk and Catching Up

Hey everyone sorry about the lack of posting. Whenever I visit my girlfriend's house I don't have access to anything but my iPhone so I can't really post much. I will make up for it with a couple of posts over the next few days. I have a few trade and contest shout out's to make which will be coming shortly. 

The reason I was visiting my girlfriend was because her birthday was a couple of days ago, August 2, for anyone keeping tabs at home. She had a nice day receiving presents and a nice dinner. She told me her goal that day was to get someone famous to Tweet to her "Happy Birthday." I am pretty active on Twitter (@treyjyert if you'd like to follow me, ha) so I decided I'd help her cause. 

I watch Intentional Talk with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar everyday so I thought I'd try my luck at tweeting them and seeing what would happen. I was extremely surprised by the response but let's just say it made Katie's night. Below is a video of what happened for you to see for yourself. Pardon the shaky video and quality.

 All show rights belong to MLB Network

I'm so happy for Katie that they actually told her Happy Birthday and made her night even if she hates the show. Hate is a strong word when she really only dislikes it because it's baseball and baseball bores her (she tries to like it though so I can't hold it against her). I usually don't self-promote on Twitter and beg for retweets and shout out's but when it comes to Katie I'd do just about anything to make her happy.

So a big thank you to Chris Rose and Kevin Millar for wishing Katie a happy birthday! Thank you also to MLB Network and everyone who puts Intentional Talk together, everyone there helped make her smile. I love MLB Network and whenever I'm not watching the Astros or the Texans you can bet it's on that channel. 

Like I said I'll be posting more card related posts soon as I have had a pretty good mail week lately. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has had a great week so far, Friday is almost here!


Greg Zakwin said...

Very cool.

Trey J. said...

Yea it was pretty awesome watching the show and then hearing them do that. She was pleased.