Monday, June 6, 2011

Brandon Backe TTM Success

I sent a TTM request to Brandon Backe 2 months ago as I'm trying to get as many TTM/IP autographs of the Astros 2005 World Series team. Backe was a big part of the success the Astros had in that late season push. He pitched great in a number of important games for the Astros and there is no way they'd have gotten as far as they did without his arm that season.

Backe is a hometown guy and lives fairly close to me so it's weird the TTM took so long. I'm sure he's busy working at the baseball academy and doing work for his foundation. Here's a picture of the autographed card, I really think he has a great looking signature. 


Justin McLeod said...

Could you email me the address you used for him? I'd like to send a request. Thanks.

Trey J. said...

Email sent.