Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AFC South Champions

Forgive me for my tardiness but I needed a couple of days to settle down from the excitement, ha. I grew up here in the Houston area and have supported Houston teams my entire life. I supported the Oilers while they were here and when the news broke that Houston would be getting a new franchise I became a Texans supporter instantly. After 10 years of sub-par football the Texans have finally clinched a playoff spot and division title.

Houston is one of those cities where teams are consistently mediocre with spurts of success here and there. We may not be as "cursed" as the Cubs, the City of Cleveland or Detroit but we have had more than our fair share of heartbreak. The Oilers and Astros both had success here and there but always found a way to break our hearts when it mattered most. The Rockets had two championships and Houston will forever be grateful for those. The Dynamo, Aeros and the now defunct Comets have had great success here so at least we have that to hang our hats on. 

Don't take any of what I just said as bitching and moaning. I was just giving a brief history of Houston sports and why fans were so excited when the Houston Texans brought home a division title. The way they clinched the AFC South Sunday was fitting for where this team is headed. In years past they would have either come up short driving down the field or they'd have been on the other side giving up a lead and losing. Not this year, this team has really bought into the "next-man-up" mentality and it's making them a dangerous team to play. 

I'm excited for what's coming next for the Texans and I'm hoping they can at least win a playoff game or two. Here are a few photos from the impromptu celebration outside Reliant Stadium Sunday night.

J.J. Watt saying hello to the fans.

T.J. Yates, Jacoby Jones and DeMeco Ryans

Connor Barwin pumping up the crowd.

Texans faithful going crazy!

Congrats again to the 2011 AFC South Champion Houston Texans!! Which reminds me, I need to run to Academy and see if they've got any of the division champion shirts in stock.


The Dimwit said...

LOVE IT!!! GREAT POST!!!! Texans are going to shock the world!!!!

Trey J. said...

Let's hope! Honestly with the mentality they're playing with I really think they can overcome a lot of "better" teams. The defense is just ridiculous this year.

I'm mad I didn't head down to Houston Center today to meet Connor Barwin. I need to keep up on my player appearances.

Trey J. said...

Oh and Eat Em Up Kats!!!