Thursday, December 8, 2011

Took a Gamble and "Won"

I recently took a gamble on eBay for a card I've been after all year. My Brian Bogusevic PC is slowly growing and since 2011 Topps Series 1 came out this year I've been looking for a black bordered Bogusevic #'d/60. I've seen a few with BIN for $15 but I kept the faith and pressed on hoping to find one for less than $10.

Last week I searched eBay and found an auction for the card I'd been searching for. The only problem was there was no picture of the card, not even a stock photo. I'm always hesitant to bid on or purchase cards without a picture but I contacted the seller to make sure the card was indeed the one I was after. After a few quick responses I felt comfortable enough to take the chance and put in my bid at the last minute.

$5.76 and 4 days later I receive this beauty in the mail...

I am so happy to have found this card for so cheap and I'm glad the gamble paid off. Out of the entire 2011 Topps S1-2-Update I'd have to say the black bordered cards are my favorite. In person they look so crisp. I'm one black border shy of completing the Series 1 Astros set but I'm in no rush as I've gotten all the players I was hoping for.

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