Friday, January 6, 2012

Best Mailday in Awhile

I am really adding a decent amount of young Astros to my collection and the next two cards are some of the best. Both came via eBay thanks to a giftcard I got awhile back.

2011 Bowman Platinum Triple Auto CWJ 53/89

I'm a huge Jason Castro fan and I hope he stays healthy so he can become the longtime catcher for the Astros. I bought this card mainly for Castro but it's a nice bonus to get Brett Wallace and Chris Johnson's auto. I almost bought this card months ago when Platinum first came out but was hesitant because they were all redemption's. Topps must have had these cards waiting because within a few weeks the redemption's on eBay turned into actual physical copies.

2008 Bowman Chrome Bud Norris Auto Refractor 232/500

If you think this card looks familiar then you're kind of right. I have the regular version that I posted a few months ago and now I have the refractor! I love Bud Norris and it's been fun to watch him grow. There is something really attractive about on-card autos, even when they're crooked like this one. Next up for me is the X-Fractor version and then eventually the Orange. 

I've had more cards come in this week so I'll be posting a few more maildays this week. Looking forward to the Texans first playoff game this Saturday. Bulls on Parade!!!!


Greg Zakwin said...

Nice adds!

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful triple auto!

The Dimwit said...

Dude I am MAJORLY jealous of that Castro/Wallace/Johnson card!!! AWESOME PURCHASE!!!!

Trey J. said...

Yea I didn't spend TOO much on it but I couldn't let an Astros triple auto slip through my hands. It's actually my first triple auto which is cool.

Ultimate Dog Stop said...

Yeah, great cards buddy.