Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday's mail + Monday's mail = Awesome.

First let me start off by saying congratulations to Barry Larkin for making it into the Hall of Fame today. I remember watching Larkin as I grew up in the 90's and he was consistently dominant throughout the times I watched him. He deserves to be a HOFer and I'm happy to see him get in. 

I got 3 packages in the mail on Saturday but due to the Texans game (which they won, thank you) I postponed posting them until today. Today I also received 3 packages, one of which was from The Dimwit so it'll get its own post.

1962 Topps #304 Dick Farrell - Houston Colts
This is now the oldest card in my PC. One of my goals for 2012 is to collect a lot of the 1962 set in hopes of collecting it all one day. 1962 is the year my parents were born so that's the reason I decided on that set for my vintage set collecting. Getting a vintage Colt/Astro seems to be a great start to the 1962 set and I picked it up for less than $2.50.

2011 A&G FF17 USS Texas
I grew up about 10 minutes from where the USS Texas is now docked. Growing up we went on numerous field trips to the San Jacinto Monument and the USS Texas. Even in high school I'd take off early and go out to the USS Texas to watch the ships come through the Houston Ship Channel. (If any younger kids are reading I do not condone skipping class ha) 

2011 Topps Lineage Michael Morse Auto
I started to like Morse when I saw him on a couple of episodes of MLB Network's Intentional Talk. He is hilarious and he's also a pretty good ballplayer. I'd been eyeing this one for awhile so it was nice to finally pull the trigger and purchase it. I'm excited to see the numbers he puts up this season, as long as it's not against the Astros of course.

 2011 Bowman Sterling George Springer Auto

George Springer is one of the top prospects in the Astros farm system. He was their top choice in the draft and scouts think he'll be a pretty good big leaguer. I used my eBay bucks on this auto which meant I only had to pay the $3 shipping so I'm okay with an investment like that. His auto does leave something to be desired though.

2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars Jeff Bagwell Dress for Success

This card is just beautiful. It has a nice picture of Bagwell, a simple yet good looking design and TWO pieces of GU memorabilia. I love GU bat cards and this one has to be my favorite I have now. I said I'd be focusing more on my Bagwell collection this year and for the most part I've stayed true to that. Not necessarily adding quantity to the PC but definitely some quality pieces. 

Tomorrow I'll show off the awesome cards I won from The Dimwit's contest. It's always fun winning contests but even more fun when the contest is run by an Astros fan.

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